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Tax preparers in Hampton Roads Area

Sharon Wallace, Owner

Aimee Faison, Tax Professional and Notary 

Linda Hiniker, Tax Professional


You will save money with our pricing

1040EZ     $50.00            1040 A   $75.00               1040   $100.00


Itemize  $30.00       Small Business $50.00        Rentals $50.00

Partnership $250.00      W-2 And 1099 preparation    $6.00 each

940 Federal Unemployment $50.00  VEC $50.00  W-3 $20.00

We are Annual Filing season program participants

which means we are required to do continuing education each year

and speak to IRS on your behalf on our preparations


  1. The new Tax Law for 2018 has been signed
  2. Anyone planning to retire in 2018, please contact  us for tips
  3. We will be discussing 2018 tax plans
  4. There should be no effect to the 2017 returns except for those already planned.
  5. Changes to the 2017 returns, among others are:
    1. Tax rate
    2. EIC limits
    3. Phaseouts
    4. Mileage allowances
    5. Inflation Adjustments
    6. Disaster reliefs

We are proud to announce that 




are joining Wallace Tax Service


New for 2017

  • If you are concerned about prior returns from other tax preparers, we will take a look at them for you, at no charge.
  • Standard Deduction, Personal Exemption and Phaseout slightly higher
  • EIC lower
  • Make appointment to discuss.

Make Appointments Early

  • Make appoints early in order to plan for 2018.
  • If you need filing of employee reports or forms, bring information regarding 1099s and W-2s that you may need to file, They are due JANUARY 31st.
  • Do you have any Disaster Relief issues?

ITIN Renewals

  • We have an acceptant agent on sight and are prepared to complete your 1040NR
  • Please bring a translator.  Spanish translator can be arranged through this office


  • Basic pricing is listed above.  All fees will be given prior to completion of return.
  • E-File Free
  • We save your preparation fees because we keep overhead low.

Share the big news

Aimee Faison and Linda Hiniker , both  professional Tax preparers, have joined our organization.  Both are from the Hampton roads area, well respected in the community and anxious to help with your tax needs.  

Some Interpreters Available

  • We have two Spanish interpreters
  • We welcome you to bring your own trusted interpreter
  • We may have access to several nationalities.  Check with us.

About Us

Professional Inome Tax Preparers

Competitive pricing                                           BBB accredited                               Three tax professionals

                            Usually Less                                           IRS Registered                                      Hampton Roads Area                                                                  

During  the last seven years, it has been our pleasure to serve the Hampton Roads area as a tax preparer.  We work from a home base and take pride in the individual attention  to our clients.  We are registered with IRS as a tax professionals in good standing and enjoy an A+ rating with BBB.  IRS requires  continuous education to be abreast of new laws.  We take pride in taking as many legal deductions as possible for both Individuals and businesses.

We also take pride in the fact the business has grown from word of mouth and of satisfied clieients.   Book an appointment by using the URL 


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IRS Approved as well as Accredoted bu BBB


Sharon Wallace,  Aimee Faison and Linda Hiniker

Professional Tax Preparers.

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We offer pick-up and delivery for shut ins on Wednesday afternoon.  Call and leave a message with good contact phone number and address for scheduling


January through May

9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

(CLOSED  SUNDAY, except for special appointments)

June thru Dec 

By appointment ONLY